Alliance for IP logo

Alliance for Intellectual Property

BAFTA logo

British Academy of Film and Television Arts

BASE logo

British Association for Screen Entertainment

BBFC logo

British Board of Film Classification

BCTVV logo

British Cinema and TV Veterans

BFC logo

British Film Commission

BFI logo

British Film Institute

BIFI logo

British Independent Film Awards

BSF logo

British Screen Forum

Cinema First logo

Cinema First

Europa Distribution logo

Europa Distribution

Event Cinema Assoication

Event Cinema Association

FACT logo

Federation Against Copyright Theft

Film Export UK logo

Film Export UK

Film London logo

Film London

Film + TV charity

The Film and TV Charity

Gower Street logo

Gower Street Analytics

Independent Cinema Office

Independent Cinema Office

Industry Trust logo

The Industry Trust

FIAD logo

International Federation of Film Distributors’ Associations

Motion Picture Association

Motion Picture Association

NTFS logo

National Film and Television School

PACT logo

Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television

UK Cinema Association

UK Cinema Association

UNIC logo

Union Internationale des Cinemas