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FDA MOOC (Mass Open Online Course): Connecting Films with Audiences

For people who want to understand how feature films are distributed in the UK

Looking for an introduction to how the UK film business works?

The FDA, in association with The Film Space, have developed a Mass Open Online Course (MOOC) covering the work of film distributors in the UK and Ireland. The course is available free of charge through FutureLearn and lasts for 4-6 weeks.

Through the programme you will discover how films are distributed: What is acquisitions? How does a distributor choose a release date? What goes into a marketing campaign?

By examining the symbiotic relationship between the varied industry disciplines, you’ll reach a greater understanding of how films arrive into everyday culture, culminating in discussing the many methods by which films are now consumed.

Featuring examples from industry professionals talking about their own experiences of developing a clear idea of a film’s target audience, the objective of the course is to encourage participants to explore their own relationship with the titles they consume and to understand the processes behind how films reach the public.

Content is regularly updated and the course is now into its 12th successful wave. The FDA’s online learning course continues to deliver great insight and has proven to be a highly useful resource for film students, people looking to gain entry into the sector or even those just curious about how the film industry works.

The course is currently being updated and will relaunch in the Autumn.