The Film Content Protection Agency (FCPA) was formed in 2016 by the Film Distributors’ Association. Its aim is to make cinema releases as secure as possible by protecting the content – and thereby safeguarding the intellectual property rights of film distributors and the creators whom they represent.

Film Piracy in the UK

Film theft remains an ongoing and significant problem to the industry and those who work in it. The majority (90%+) of pirated versions of newly released films are still sourced in cinemas by illegal activity involving the use of compact digital recording devices – mostly smartphones.

At a time of ever more UK-first as well as global ‘day & date’ (simultaneous) film releasing, the UK and Ireland is particularly vulnerable to illegal recording activity in cinemas. Film distributors are deeply committed to safeguarding the rights of the creators of the films they release to audiences.

The main focus of the FCPA’s work is to prevent infringing (pirated) versions of films originating from cinemas in the UK and Ireland. FCPA works with cinema operators, law enforcement and other bodies in the UK, Ireland and worldwide.

By protecting copyright, not only are creators’ rights upheld, but also importantly, the industry’s own capacity to reinvest and to develop new projects and talent is enhanced. The UK and Ireland is one of the world’s leading markets for filmed entertainment.