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This quiz is open to cinema staff working in the UK and Ireland.

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1. Which screening of a new release tends to be the most sought-after by film thieves?

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2. What does ‘VRA’ stand for?

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3. When is the most appropriate time to deploy night vision devices during screen checks?

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4. Which of these statements applies to the most effective use of night vision devices?

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5. Which one of these tends to be the preferred place for a professional film thief to sit?

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6. What is the first step you should take if you spot someone illegally recording in the cinema?

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7. What does FCPA stand for?

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8. True or false: There is no need to check IMAX screens for the illegal recording of films, as they are too tall/wide for smartphone cameras to record?

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9. What is normally, in qualifying cases, the value of the reward available to cinema staff in UK & EIRE who identify illegally recording in the cinema?

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10. To be eligible for a reward, which of the following is NOT an obligatory step?

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11. What proportion of counterfeit versions of films originates from copies recorded illegally in cinemas around the world?

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12. What is the most effective way to disrupt illegal recording in your cinema?

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