What to do if you suspect camcording activity

Response - What to do if you suspect camcording activity

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If you discover anyone acting suspiciously, please consider the following procedure:

1 Advise a cinema duty manager immediately.

  • Keep the person under observation to evaluate the situation as per your cinema’s own guidelines, requesting assistance as appropriate.

2 If illegal recording is determined, the cinema duty manager should consider:

  • Calling the local police immediately
  • If possible, preventing the person from deleting any illegally recorded content from the device used.

3 When the police arrive, please give them the FCPA Director’s contact details and the link for this website

4 If you are not confident the police are attending, or if an officer has not arrived within 20 minutes of the end of the film, the cinema manager and/or security staff should DISRUPT the customer’s suspected illegal activity. This will normally culminate in the person being ejected from the premises.

5 Before ejecting such people, if safe and practical:

a Invite them to give their name and address and ask to see identification – record it in writing.

b Ensure that this exchange is captured on CCTV if available and that the footage is retained as evidence.

c Record a detailed physical description of the person and any vehicle details including the registration number.

d Request the return of their ticket or note the ticket details which could be useful and provide other details connected with their credit card.

e Invite the person to surrender their recording device. Please note, however, that they are under no obligation to do this.

6 It may be helpful to share information with other cinemas in your region, as the person(s) having been unsuccessful at your site may divert to another one locally. Please consider this in consultation with the FCPA.

7 ALL INCIDENTS, whether proven or only suspected, should be REPORTED to FCPA within 24 HOURS: