The FDA Yearbook documents cinemagoing in the UK and Ireland in a calendar year, segmented by day, week, month, region, certificate, genre and more.

It includes in-depth statistical analysis of box office and admissions in the five home nations as well as insight into key markets worldwide.

Box office data is kindly supplied by Comscore, with infographics created by Gower Street Analytics and MetrixLab, many of which are previously unpublished.

The Yearbook offers valuable insights into film distribution and focuses on an unprecedented year for the sector.

FDA Yearbook 2021
  • All 2020 UK and Ireland market data
  • Market trends for the last decade
  • Insight into the industry impact of COVID-19
  • Reflections and focus on key genre performance
  • Cinemagoing broken down by day, week and month
  • Box office statistics for the five territory home nations
  • Market research on audience behaviour before and after lockdown
  • Special report on the ongoing need to improve diversity in film
  • Key information on the continuing drive for cinema accessibility
  • Vital analysis on action against film piracy
  • Insights into five key worldwide markets
  • Home & mobile entertainment analysis inc. music, games & streaming
  • Invaluable industry networking information
  • And so much more!
FDA Yearbook 2020
  • All 2019 market data
  • A full decade in review
  • 10-year market trends
  • Data showing key film performance
  • Reflections and focus on specific genre trends
  • All-time market data on highest grossing releases
  • A breakdown of UK film distributors’ paid-for advertising spend
  • A specially commissioned chart of the most-watched films on UK television
  • A look at the important issue of accessibility in cinemas
  • A special report on the scourge of film piracy
  • Insight into five key International markets
  • Key industry networking information
  • And much more!
FDA Yearbook 2020
  • Features highlighting the symbiotic relationship between film and music
  • Data showing the enduring appeal of superhero movies (1 in 5 UK cinema tickets bought in 2018 was for a superhero adventure)
  • Notes on the diversity of filmmakers behind UK cinema releases in 2018
  • A breakdown of UK film distributors’ paid-for advertising expenditure in 2018 by media category and by month (excluding ‘earned’ and ‘owned’ channels)
  • A specially commissioned chart of the most-watched films shown on UK television in 2018
  • A commentary on distributors’ support of YourLocalCinema, the digital service for UK cinemagoers with hearing and sight loss
  • And much more!
FDA Yearbook 2020
  • UK cinema box-office takings in 2017 shown by day, week, month, region, genre, certificate, opening weekend and other criteria
  • 10-year trends in UK cinemagoing – a new feature in this, the 16th edition of the Yearbook
  • The UK’s all-time top 50 film releases (as at 5 January 2018) as well as the top 100 of 2017
  • The top-grossing Bollywood and foreign language films of 2017
  • Expenditure on media advertising expenditure by the UK film distribution sector in 2017 The most-watched films shown on UK television, and the bestselling film soundtracks, in 2017
  • The top-grossing films of 2017 worldwide