FDA Yearbook 2021 - the story of film in the UK and Ireland in 2021

The FDA is delighted to publish its 2022 Yearbook, available here to freely download. Including statistical analysis, detailed genre insight, deep dives into COVID-19, diversity, piracy, accessibility, major international markets and home entertainment, the book stands as the definitive guide to the UK and Ireland market in 2021.

A seasonal selection of festive favourites available for UK and Irish cinemas

Winter 2020: Since the Summer, cinemas in the UK and Ireland have faced further periods of closure, but hopefully there is some light ahead as we approach the festive season. In this traditionally strong period for cinemagoing we present a pleasing collection of Christmas titles currently available to book into cinemas.

Relaunching cinema: Content for recovery. Over 500 films hand-picked for the relaunch in the UK

Summer 2020: This document is intended for the use of UK film programmers and exhibitors of all shapes and sizes. It is certainly not exhaustive in its content listing, and instead represents an easy to read and locate guide to the wealth of potential titles readily available to play in UK cinemas as they reopen over the coming weeks.