‘The FDA’s membership currently comprises of 34 film distributors operating in the UK and Ireland. Member companies include the largest studios and numerous independent players, with the FDA unique amongst international film distribution trade bodies with its diverse mix of associates. The FDA Council is made up of Managing Directors from each member company and the group meets regularly to consider matters of interest to the sector and the wider industry.

See below for a full list of our member companies:

Arrow Films

AX1 Entertainment

Blue Finch Film Releasing

Blue Finch Film Releasing

Bulldog Film Distribution Logo

Bulldog Film Distribution

Curzon Logo

Curzon Artificial Eye

Darmouth Films logo

Dartmouth Films

Dogwoof Logo


Entertainment Film Distributors logo

Entertainment Film Distributors

Eros logo

Eros International

MetFilm Distribution

Miracle Communications

Miracle Communications


Modern Films

Munro logo

Munro Film Services

Network logo

Network Releasing

Paramount logo

Paramount Pictures

Park Circus logo

Park Circus

Pathé logo

Pathé Productions

Peccadillo logo

Peccadillo Pictures

Reliance Entertainment logo

Reliance Entertainment

Sony logo

Sony Pictures

Sovereign Films

studiocanal logo


Trafalgar Releasing

Trafalgar Releasing

Universal logo

Universal Pictures

Verve Pictures

Wlat Disney logo

Walt Disney

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

Yash Raj Films