The Film Distributors’ Association today published its 2021 Yearbook, the most comprehensive source of information and analysis on the UK and Ireland market in 2020.

Now in its 19th year of publication, the Yearbook covers many areas including: territory market trends; reflections and focus on the year’s releases; special reports into the industry impact of COVID-19, the ongoing need to improve diversity, cinema accessibility and the fight against film piracy; a look at worldwide box office from five key territories; insight into the varied home and mobile entertainment market; plus a host of other useful information all in one handy resource.

Whilst the book echoes many of the usual areas as previous editions, it should be noted that direct statistical comparison with previous years’ performance will not be as keenly relevant. Instead, the main purpose of the book is to stand as the official documentation of the year when our industry faced its greatest challenge and then began the journey of recovery to a brighter, bolder future.

Comscore provided box office data for both UK & Ireland and Worldwide territories.

The book is available to download here with physical copies available upon request.