The Film Distributors’ Association today announced their support for ‘Keep the Magic Alive’, a high-profile social media campaign launched by UKCA and its members, which aims to encourage people to connect with local MPs to press the importance of cinemas in their community.

Anchored by an engaging central a/v piece – available here – narrated by Stephen Fry, the heartland of the initiative serves as a reminder to the public of the vital role that cinemas play in our daily lives and local communities.

From individual well-being to societal engagement and the preservation of the high street, film and cinemas can help deliver mental and social support, whilst also contributing to the economic health of the country.

When cinemas have been permitted to reopen their doors in the UK in recent months, audience responses were overwhelmingly positive. The campaign hopes to draw on this public affection for cinemagoing and harness social media to good effect.

Find out more and get involved here.