The Film Distributors’ Association today presented a list of festive films available for cinemas to book as they welcome returning audiences over the upcoming Christmas season.

The collection from multiple distributors was brought together by the FDA in a document titled A Season of Cinematic Goodwill. Featuring animations, family favourites, comedies, musicals and event cinema, the list is offered with an eye to encouraging cinemagoers back for the big screen festive experience.

During the summer, the FDA amassed a collection of more than 500 titles to help exhibitors and programmers entice customers back through their doors during the earliest days of the sector reopening.

In the interim months, cinemas have suffered further significant closures and the traditionally lucrative lead up to Christmas and into the holiday period is perhaps more crucial than ever this year.

Whilst the status of venue openings varies across the UK and Ireland dependent on different government rulings and restrictions, this seasonal selection is available for any cinemas able to open their doors to customers.