Dial F for Freelancer today launched their new dedicated online space championing the business side of the industry’s ever-growing freelance community. Already boasting over 250 members, the network aids users in reaching out to peers, sharing past projects, and connecting with potential future clients.

Developed with the needs of freelance operators at its core, the Dial F for Freelancer platform was created to showcase and celebrate the sector’s varied and unique skillsets. Aiming to take the legwork out of sourcing paid work, members choose the projects they wish to showcase, whilst being supported with resources, contacts and vital opportunities to collaborate.

Industry freelancers have been hit severely by the recent fallout from Covid-19, many of whom operate without the support networks found through traditional PAYE employment. Dial F for Freelancer exists to support the freelance distribution and exhibition communities, aiming to reduce the isolation of non-traditional working situations.

The platform is supported by the FDA, Altitude Film Distribution, Bohemia Media and eOne, with a community grant from the Film and TV Charity.

Visit the website.

Download Dial F Press Release (PDF, 213KB)